Question: How can I expand my working space so I can see more of the stationery?

Answer: The system embeds the stationery print engine within the software by default. If you would like a larger screen to work on, you can open the stationery print engine in a new window. To do so, open your stationery pages into the modify screen and click File > Open in new window. This will re-open all of your selected stationery pages into a new browser window and you will have increased working space.

Question: How do I print multiple pages at once?

Answer: To print multiple pages at once, you can utilize our “multi-page print” feature. To use this feature, open all of the stationery pages that you want to print, into the editor. Then go to File > Multi Page Print. A print configuration box will pop up which will allow you to re-arrange pages or delete a page. This feature will compile all stationery pages into a single PDF, which can be downloaded and printed.

Question: What Stationery Providers do you support?

Answer: FrontRunner currently has several providers available in our system. These providers include BassMollett Publishers, WL Smith and Associates, Messenger, and FrontRunner’s own Print-On-Demand stationery.

Question: How do I get access to new stationery?

Answer: Simply contact your Success Coach and we would be happy to turn on additional stationery packages for you.

Question: Can FrontRunner build my stationery in the system for me?

Answer: FrontRunner can build in your commonly used stationery pieces into the system. Contact your Success Coach for details on requirements and pricing.

Question: How can I insert a poem/prayer?

Answer: Poems can be inserted two ways—one for pre-formatted poems (Bass-Mollett) and one for general text poems.

A pre-formatted Bass-Mollett poem can be added by navigating to Edit > Add Image Element. This will create a popup with a section called “poems. You can select from a variety of poems by clicking the “Next” button. Once you find a poem that will be used, click ‘Insert’.

To insert a simply text poem/prayer, open the stationery page that you would like to add the poem to, Right-click on the page, and click “Add Prayer”. A pop up box will appear where you can copy and paste a poem/prayer, or select one from our library via the “Next” button.

Question: How can I add my own text to the stationery?

Answer: There are two ways to add text to your stationery page:

1) Right click on the page and click “Add Text”. This will create a text box on the screen that can be edited. Right click on the Static Text box that you have created, then click ‘Edit’. You can add your content to the “Default Value” box, which will appear on your stationery.

2) The more common way to add text to your stationery is to pull a field from our existing library. To do this, click the “Fields” button on the left menu, search for the information you are looking to add (Example: Date of Death), and then click and drag that field onto the stationery page.

Question: How do I add a photo to the stationery?

Answer: To do this open your stationery page, click the “Fields” button on the left menu, search for the word ‘Photo’. Fields labelled ‘Deceased Photo’ and ‘Deceased Secondary Photo’ will appear. The ‘Deceased Photo’ field will pull the Primary photo of the deceased. The ‘Secondary Photos’ field can be dragged onto the stationery multiple times, and will pull a new photo of the deceased each time.

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