The Bass-Mollett Precious Memories – Beta version contains three new features:

  • Save a Local Copy – Make a modified copy of our master template, which will be available for all Precious Memories designs.
  • Save Custom Setting – Save a customized piece of stationery to a record. (This will only be available in the record where it is saved.)
  • Print to PDF/Multi-Page PDF Print – Print files can be saved as PDFs instead of printed directly to the printer with Java. The multi-page option will create a multi-page PDF of stationery pieces and each page will keep its appropriate sizing and orientation.

In the print engine, go to Stationery> Select > Bass-Mollett Precious Memories Beta

Make a Local Copy

From the menu on the far left, select the button for “Make a Local Copy of Precious Memories Stationery”. This will set up the system to save your own templates. This process may take a few moments.

  • Select the stationery design theme by clicking on the design.
  • Select the starter page to make an edited template by check marking the box.
  • Select “Copy all selected Stationery Pages” on the left.

*A new page has been added, which has “local” written in red. This is the editable template. *

Open the new template by check marking the box and selecting proceed.

Make any changes to the base template for your new template. You can:

  • Change fonts
  • Change font colors
  • Add/Remove fields
  • Add/Remove photo(s)
  • Add/Remove text
  • Move elements

When finished, save the template by clicking on File > Save.

*This new template will now be available with any Precious Memories (Beta) design, in any record. Our master templates are always available as well. *

Save Custom Setting

Select and open the applicable stationery set. Make necessary changes to the template.

Select File> Save Custom Settings.

Provide a name for the custom setting. Save.

When you return to this stationery set at a later time, open the same page (ex. Acknowledgement card – inside) and then apply the custom settings created for the record.

To re-open custom settings: Open the stationery page that includes custom settings. Select File > Load Custom Setting.

From the dropdown menu, select the custom setting to apply. Click Load.

Print to PDF

Single Page:

Select the PDF button at the upper right.


When multiple pages are open in a stationery set, they can all be saved to a PDF. Once all pages are completed, select File > Multi-Page Print.

This will open the multi-page print window for review of the entire file.

There are several options:

  • Custom Settings – Once custom settings are saved to any pages, use the dropdown to select either the master template or the custom setting.
  • Print BG- Turns on or off the ability to print the background image. For Precious Memories, choose ‘yes’ for the Print Background.
  • L/R Page? For Reflections of Life stationery, this will allow the offset to run for register book pages that have an offset between the front and back of the page.
  • Re-Order – Move pages up or down in the file. The “X” button will remove the page from the file.
  • Add Page – Add a new page to the multi-page PDF file.
  • Left/Right Pages – In cases where there is an offset, select whether to print all left-hand pages, all right-hand pages, or have it alternate LRLR for the offset. This will apply to the above pages
  • Background On? Selecting Y or N will apply this setting to all pages
  • Filename – Name the PDF file that will save to your computer.
  • Print – Generates the PDF file.

Once print is selected, each page will filter through and build the PDF. How many pages are contained in the set will determine the time it takes to create the full PDF.

The PDF will download in the browser. Open the browser downloads folder (Ctrl + J) if it is not set to open automatically. If it does not appear, check the pop-up blocker for the file.

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