As you work your way through the FrontRunner system, you may come across a section that is new or you’ve never worked in before. This manual is intended to address any support issues that may arise but we thought it also might be helpful to outline the most common support questions. If you are unable to find the answers to any issues that may arise, don’t hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket via the form at the bottom of this page.

1. For some reason, I am no longer able to print forms. Why has this stopped working?

The majority of printing issues in the system stem from not having the latest version of Java installed on your computer or the web browser has disabled Java from running.

  • For clients using a PC: Go to and download and install the latest version of Java. Once that’s done, in Firefox, check in “Tools”, then “Add-ons” and then “Plugins”. You should see an item named “Java Platform SE”. Be sure that it is enabled.
  • For Mac users: Apple has its own version of Java so check for any software updates. Once the software is up-to-date, try printing again.

You will now have to let your computer know that it’s safe to run Java from your site.

For Windows users, click the “Start” icon in the lower left corner of your screen, and in the “Search for Programs” field enter “Java”. You’ll see one of the options listed is “Configure Java”. Select that. In the window that opens, select the “Security” tab. The security is generally set to high, and it’s best to leave it there. You’ll also see an option to “Edit Site List”. Select that and in the next window select “Add” and then enter the URL for your domain. You can copy and paste the address bar from your system log in page. It should look like this “https://(yourfuneralhome)”. Don’t copy any other data past the “com”. Click OK to complete. Once that’s done, close it and you’re done.

For Apple users, to access the Java console, open your System Preferences, then select Java. Once it opens, proceed with the same steps as above.

2. How do I add a local charity as the Family Preferred charity?

If you have searched the Master Database for a charity and can’t find it, you will need to add it to your database. This often happens when you need to add a new trust fund for a family or if there is a small community organization that is not a registered charity.

Go to System Settings > Databases > Charities. All charities ever added will be visible. To add another one, click on “Add a Charity” in the upper right corner. Be sure to enter all necessary information including the fulfillment method. Once the charity is added, return to the record and click the drop down for Non-Charitable Organizations. Locate the charity and Add it to the Family Preferred list. Save.

3. Why aren’t all the changes I made to the website showing up?

If you have made and saved your website changes within administration but those changes aren’t visible on the live site, you probably missed the “Publish” step:

  • First check to be sure the page or pages aren’t “Hidden”. You can check that in the web editor site map.
  • In the website editor, select Publish. The new screen will display the last published date. Select the Publish button. This process will send all the changes to your live site. If you have a larger website, the publishing process could take a minute or two.
  • Once the Publish process is complete, check the live site. If you still don’t see the changes, refresh your browser.

4. Why aren’t the submitted condolence messages showing in the Book of Memories?

If a condolence message is not visible in the Book of Memories, it may have been marked as Private. To check that, open the record to edit:

  • If it’s a Standard record, select Book of Memories > Tributes to view all submitted messages. If a condolence message is marked as Private, that will be displayed with the message. To change that, select Edit beside the message and set the Private option to No. Save.
  • In Web Only records, go directly to Tributes. Follow the same instructions as above.

There is also a chance that the person who posted a condolence didn’t do so on the Book of Memories. They may have submitted to or and expected the condolence to be visible on the Book of Memories. You may want to do a Google search for the name of the deceased to see if there’s anything on another site.

5. Why can’t I post my story to the Book of Memories?

The system has a filter that checks all messages for inappropriate words. If it finds one, the story won’t post. At times, the filter may seem a little oversensitive but it’s best to be safe than sorry. If the filter is blocking a submission, you can still get the message to post to the Book of Memories by following these steps:

  • In the Book of Memories, start the condolence or story submission process. Enter all the information and then type one letter in the message field. Submit that.
  • Open the record and select Tributes. Find the message you just submitted and select Edit. Copy and paste the rest of the message and Save. This step will ensure the message is posted on the the Book of Memories.

6. How do I correct a mistake in a message or delete a message entirely from the Book of Memories.

Open the record. Any message submitted to a Book of Memories (Candle, Condolence, Donation, or Story) can be edited in the record.

  • If it’s a Standard record, select Book of Memories > Tributes. Locate the message that needs to be corrected (Edit) or removed (Delete). Save.
  • In Web Only records, go directly to Tributes. Follow the same instructions as above.

7. I’ve added a new record but it’s not appearing on the Current Services List and now I can’t find it anywhere in the system. Where did it go?

Most often, if you are unable to locate a record that you saved in the system, the Date of Death was not added. That date is vital information in the system because it determines whether a record is Current or Past.

Go to “All Records” and enter the name of the deceased in the search field and click Search. Once the record is located, check to make sure the Date of Death has been entered correctly.

8. I lit a candle and want to pay by check/cheque. What is the mailing address?

Please make the check/cheque payable to FrontRunner Professional and send to the following address:

FrontRunner Professional
6A Clarence Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5H8

9. I’m trying to pay for a memorial candle with my credit card but I continue to receive a message that the transaction is declined. What’s going on?

For the cardholder’s protection, if the information entered is not an exact match with what the credit card company has on file, the transaction will be declined by the credit card company. Suggest the purchaser contact their credit card company to verify all information and, if necessary, enrol the card in their security process. (Verify by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode)

10. Why is Google Maps not showing the correct location?

Google Maps isn’t perfect but there is an easy fix if the location is not displaying properly.

System Settings > Databases > Locations. Find the location and click on it to display all the information. If the address is correct, you will need to enter the GPS Coordinates for the location:

  • Open Google Maps and find your exact location on the map.
  • Right click and from the pop-up window, select “What’s Here”.
  • Refer to the Google Maps search bar where you will see a set of numbers separated with a comma.
  • Copy the first number (not the comma) and paste it in the first coordinate field.
  • Copy the second number, including the hyphen at the beginning of the number. Paste that in the second field. Save and test the map again.

11. Why are there duplicate photos showing in the Book of Memories?

Open the record > Book of Memories > Manage Photos. Check the file names of the photos that have been uploaded. If there are any that have duplicate file names, they will have to be deleted, re-named, and then uploaded again.

12. Why is the Book of Memories getting spammed?

It’s important to activate “captchas” in your system in order to prevent spam (computer generated posts with junk links and messages). There are several captcha options but we recommend the “Simple Math” captcha. To set the captcha for your system follow the steps below.

  • Main > Book of Memories > Global BOM Settings.
  • Go to the option labelled Captcha Preference for BOM pages.
  • Set it to Simple Math (or Google or Candle Count).

To remove spam messages from the Book of Memories, go to the record and select Tributes where you can edit or delete any submitted message.

13. Why won’t the DVD render? It’s stuck!

If a DVD is stuck in render mode and won’t complete, it may have something to do with special characters contained within the file names of photos. There may also be an issue if you’ve uploaded music for the video. Make sure that the file type is correct for the music. Please contact us to restart the video by submitting a ticket below.

14. Why is the Book of Memories link not posting to our funeral home Facebook page?

The Book of Memories link may not post if the connector hasn’t been set up OR the connection is linked to your personal Facebook page rather than your business page.

To set up the Facebook connector, follow these steps:

  • In the Main Tab select Book of Memories
  • At the bottom of the second column of options, select Facebook Page Management.
  • Read the Description and be sure you understand it before selecting Click Here to Begin.
  • At the Facebook App, read the description and select the page option you prefer.
  • Be sure to select your Facebook business page and not your personal page.
  • Save.
  • Close the tab and return to the FrontRunner system.
  • Select the Facebook Record Management option. (Just “Facebook” in newer systems)
  • Read the description for the explanation on how to use this section.
  • The connector will check and upload any new listings every fifteen minutes.

Should you need to make changes to a listing, you can delete the original on your Facebook page and then Re-Post the updated listing.

15. How do charities receive any donations made through the Book of Memories?

My Tribute Gift handles all online credit card donations. The umbrella charitable organization receives and handles credit card donations for all registered charities in North America. The payment process takes approximately three weeks; the accumulated funds with all the details pertaining to each donation are sent directly to the charity.

If the donor has checked with the charity and the charity states that it never received the money, have them check for any donations from My Tribute Gift.

If you have concerns about any donations, you can contact My Tribute Gift directly at 1-855-355-8141, email, or mail to 3495 14th Avenue,
Markham, ON, L3R 0H4.

16. How do I turn off donations in the Book of Memories?

Open a record and go to Web Details > Donations. There are three options: “Family Preferred Charities”, “Display to Donor: Charity of your choice”, and “No Donations”. Select No Donations and the Donation option will be removed from the menu within the Book of Memories.

17. How do a I remove a former employee from our staff web page?

Website > Edit > Site
Navigate to your staff page and click on Edit Content at top right
In the Staff Listing Control Panel, click on the employee’s name to be removed so it’s highlighted.
Hit Delete

If you would prefer to hide the listing rather than delete it entirely, edit the listing and choose No beside the Visible option. Save.

18. A visitor to our site stated that they lit a candle by credit card but they don’t see the candle lit on the website and they didn’t receive a receipt?

Sign in to the IMS and open the record for the deceased. Go to “Tributes” (in a Web Only record…in a Standard record go to Book Of Memories and then Tributes). In the Tribute section you will be able to see every condolence, shared story, donation, and candle message. If you don’t see the purchasers information and candle message there, you can check the Candle Log in your Simply One Account. That will show all candle purchases through your site in the date range that you set. If you can’t find the candle there, chances are the candle purchase was never completed. After taking those steps, if necessary, send a support ticket to us with all the details, including the name of the deceased, the name of the purchaser, and the date of the purchase, and we’ll see if there ever was a transaction completed.

19. I’m trying to log into my system but I keep getting an error. (Also, “We’ve just gotten a new computer and I can’t find the login page for our system”).

When logging in, be sure that you’re at the correct login page. Verify that the Customer ID number is definitely yours. We have seen people end up at the wrong login page and wonder why their credentials didn’t work. Also remember that the Username and Password are case sensitive, therefore, if you have any capitals in your Username or Password make sure you are entering it that way.

If you’ve lost the address for your login page due to getting a new computer or from a computer crash, simply go to the home page of your website, scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on “Admin”. That will open the login page to your system in a new tab.

20. I keep getting an error message when trying to push records to FrontRunner from SRS, DA, etc.

Check to be sure that you’ve entered data in all required fields. Also check that you have entered everything correctly, especially email addresses. We generally see errors when a location address has been omitted or entered incorrectly.

21. How do I create a family login, and do families receive email notifications for photos, stories, condolences and donations?

In the first call sheet you will see a section labelled “Family Interactive Edition”. Check the box that says “enable”. Once you’ve done that it will generate a username & password, which you can change at any time. You’ll also see a field labelled “Family Interactive and Condolence E-mail List”. This is where you add the families email address so they receive photo, story, condolence and donation notifications. You can add as many email addresses as you need, just separate each address with a comma.

22. How do I add or remove a user from my system?

Log into the IMS and select System Settings. Once that opens, select “User Profiles” in the first column of options. The page will open to a list of the current users in your system.

To add a new user, click on the “Add User” icon in the upper right of the screen. Enter all their information and be sure to click Save.

To edit the information for a user, or to delete a user, click on their name and the information panel will open. Make the necessary changes and click Save. You’ll also see the option in the upper right of the screen to “Delete”, which will remove the user completely.

23. Visitors to our website have informed us that they uploaded photo’s and stories but they don’t see them in the Book of Memories.

In most cases, this is a result of the Photo / Story Approval System being turned on, either for a particular record, or for your entire site.
Log into the IMS and in the Main tab, select Book of Memories. In the second column of options you’ll see the “Approve Photos” and “Approve Stories” options. If there are any items there, they will need to be approved or rejected. This will have to be done by the funeral home staff, or by family members that have been provided the login credentials for the Book of Memories.

To turn the approval system on or off for your entire system, once again, in the Main tab select Book of Memories, then Global BOM Settings. You’ll see the setting option in the “Default Book of Memories Settings” section. They can be set to On or Off for all records.

You can also turn them On or Off for individual records if required. In the record under the “Book of Memories” Theme section, you’ll see the option to either use the Global Settings, or turn the option on or off for that particular record.

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