Once your obituary / notice template is created within the system, it takes minimal effort to produce a finished product once the standard record information is entered. You can then create a notice and submit it to newspapers with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Within your record, click Notices.

Notice Compiler

The obituary will automatically populate with all the vital statistics, service information, and visitation dates entered. The first notice created is called ‘Notice 1’ in the drop-down.

  • Select a template for the obituary.
  • Choose a photo. Either add a new photo or choose from the drop-down list that contains each uploaded photo for the record. (Newspapers accept photo resolutions ranging from 150-200 dpi.)
  • Include URL box to link to the deceased’s Book of Memories.
  • Check the Use Notice as Obituary on Web box to have the obituary appear on the website.
  • To add more than one notice, ‘Create a New Notice.’
  • To add a new notice using the same template, Create a Copy.
  • To delete a notice, choose an item from the drop-down and Delete Notice.

Newspaper Insertions

  1. Use the Notice drop-down to select which notice to insert in a newspaper.
  2. Select the ‘Add a new Newspaper for insertion’ button.
  3. Select a newspaper.
  4. Add New Date; user the calendar icon.
  5. Enter any additional information.
  • To change newspaper insertion dates: ‘Remove’.
  • To remove a newspaper and all of its information, ‘Remove this Newspaper’.

Print the Summary/Approval Form

Use the Notice drop-down to select which notice to copy; this will generate a print preview.

  • To print the notice: ‘Print Full Notice Review’
  • To print off a summary for the family to sign for approval, ‘Print Summary / Authorization Form’.

Submit to Newspapers

Use the Notice drop-down to select which notice to submit. Select ‘Email Submission’ for each applicable newspaper.

The email address will be the main email address listed in your System Profile.

Copyright Notice

Adding Newspapers/Setting up Templates

Newspaper Subscriptions

Navigate to System Settings > Notice Compiler > Newspaper Master List.

  • Select the country and city to find the available newspapers.
  • Select the newspaper name and Subscribe.

Navigate to System Settings > Notice Compiler > Newspaper Subscriptions.

  • Add
  • Enter the newspaper Name, Address, State/Province, and Country
  • Flat Rate ($) – if applicable
  • Number of Lines
  • Extra Line Rate ($) – if applicable
  • Picture Rate ($) – if applicable
  • URL Rate ($) – if applicable
  • Footer Rate ($) – if applicable
  • Schedule – Select when the newspaper is published.
  • Allows URL? – Select whether this newspaper allows a URL.
  • Contact Information – Enter the contact name, email and phone number for up to three contacts for the newspaper.
  • Save

​Template Builder

Navigate to System Settings > Notice Compiler > Template Builder.

From the Select Template drop-down, choose ‘New Template’; type in a name and whether to make the template the default template.

  • Deceased Info: First Name – space – Middle Name – space – Last Name
  • Type the words ‘passed away’ in the box – space.
  • Death Details: Date of Death – space.
  • Type the words ‘at the age of’ – space.
  • Click the Age (at death) field.
  • Once your template is fully built, Save Template .

Edit an Existing Template

From the ‘Select Template’ drop-down, choose the template to edit. Click inside the white text box to edit. Use the + to locate the category field and click on it to add to the white box (where the cursor is located). Save Template.

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