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Cancellation Agreement

This document contains proprietary information and may not be reproduced, transmitted, or translated in any manner without the specific consent of FrontRunner Professional. This includes third party competitor vendors. All of terms of cancelation are contained in your user license agreement which you agreed to upon activation and continued use of your software where you agreed to provide FrontRunner with 30 days’ notice prior to cancellation.

Cancellation Policy Overview

We deeply regret your decision to cancel your system and services with FrontRunner Professional. We genuinely wish that you would have reached out to us and we could have resolved any Issues that may have caused this to happen. At FrontRunner we know your time is valuable and do not engage in the practice of unsolicited phone calls to try and sell you something. Rather, it is our hope that if you have any concerns or issues that you would like to address, that you feel free in contacting us at any time by phone or email and we will help resolve and Issues you are having. Our team of talented and experienced staff are always standing by to help you.

In today’s competitive market, funeral firms are facing tremendous pressure from the endless number of new website and management companies, all claiming to have a better product that can save you money. Many use unscrupulous and deceitful tactics to confuse funeral homes that may not be technology savvy. Through Illegal tied selling practices, many funeral homes are being forced to switch their website or management software if they wish to continue to use software that their firm has been using for years. We hope this hasn’t be the case with your firm. Furthermore, FrontRunner rigorlessly attempts to create meaningful shared revenue programs to help insure that our technology comes at little to no cost to our clients. Claims of companies citing to save you money, or provide a “no-cost” solution, are simply out of touch with all that our systems generate clients who use them. All these vendors disrespect the loyalty and trust families placed in your firm when providing them with a permanent Book of MemoriesTM Memorial website as part of your services and all negate the potential liability and backlash this can have with your families when trying to talk you into, or force you into switching.

Sometimes, our clients forget that the Book of Memories permanent memorial websites that have attracted so many new families over the years are very different than anything on the market and was the reason why they chose FrontRunner over everyone else in the first place. They are cherished and embraced hundreds of thousands of families who use them on a regular basis to interact with family and friends. They were designed to instill loyalty between the families you serve and your firm. In turn FrontRunner had hoped for your loyalty in return.

Contrary to the claims of predatory website companies, the Book of Memories™ records contain information and settings entered by families behind the password protected area that simply cannot be reproduced or brought over in any another website provider. With so many families contacting FrontRunner directly to obtain their username and password for login, most clients have no idea of how many families will be impacted by the cancellation.

We designed our Cancellation Policy to try and help funeral directors avoid falling prey to these schemes and emphasize the consequences on your families and long term effects on the loyalty built in your community. If you find this cancellation policy tough, please understand that it is done so to try and help you avoid falling prey to these schemes.

This is an electronic form allowing you to fill out your details within the editable boxes.

The undersigned acknowledges that the cancellation of the software will result in:

1. Loss of Functionality

  • The loss of all Book of Memories™ memorial websites of the deceased that family and friends financially supported through the memorial candle program and were told, through the firm’s website, would remain on in perpetuity for future generations.

  • The loss of features and functionality that families and the public engaged in with the firm’s Book of Memories™ portion of their website, including but not limited to signing up for automated and real time notifications.
  • The loss of username and passwords that have been assigned to families either from the firm or through direct contact with FrontRunner. Families will no longer be able to access or use the features and functionality of managing private messages and words of support, e-thank you cards, photo sharing, linkages and other operations.
  • The loss of all private condolences saved behind the family login section.
  • The immediate break in all linked sites within the social media space connected to the Book of Memories™.
  • The loss of the automatic obituary postings as well as all previous postings of records on / / ObitTree that families may have been charged by the funeral home to post.
  • The loss of all services and solutions such as National and Regional branded programs that are only available to FrontRunner clients.
  • The loss of any territory that the firm may have been protected under with the Exclusive client Program offerings of FrontRunner Products and Services.

2. Liability
The cancelation of your system will result In the Immediate removal of the Book of Memories™ memorial websites that many families will be utilizing or logged into. Everything they have been working on behind their private logged in area will be lost. This will result in the loss of functionality that the family may be using.

You have financially benefitted from utilizing the Book of MemoriesTM Memorial Websites that were promoted to the families and public you have served as being kept in perpetuity on your firms site. The removal of these memorial websites may give rise to claims of liability from families and the public who purchased memorial candles through the firm’s website to have the deceased’s Book of Memories™ remain as a permanent memorial website, and / or believed they have paid to have these Book of Memories Websites remain in perpetuity as part of the services they paid your firm for in their contract with the funeral home. As such, by virtue of you cancelling your system, you agree to save FrontRunner Professional or any of its affiliates, partners or associates harmless from any potential litigation resulting from the cancellation of the software which could result in lost business or revenue to you, or from any third party or class action claims against the funeral home by any family or public for the lost services or commitments that result from the cancellation.

This liability, both morally and legally requires FrontRunner Professional to electronically notify all family members or member of the public who interacted with and continue to actively interact with these Memorial Websites and inform them that the funeral home has decided to cancel the continuation of the Book of Memories™ Memorial Website for their loved one.

3. Copyright material
You, as the client, acknowledged through the User License Agreement that your system was provided under license and that all content and graphics included with the system remain the property of FrontRunner Professional. Furthermore, you agree not to use or allow any copyright content and licensed graphics that were provided as part of the licensing of the FrontRunner software and owned by FrontRunner to be shared with any third party or new website provider in the creation of your new website. You acknowledge that certain content such as, but not limited to, condolence messages, stories, poems and shared photos posted by the public may be copyright protected and should only be transferred with the express written consent of the individual or individuals who submitted this content. You further agree that your domain(s) and data cannot be transferred until all outstanding fees and liability sign-off is forwarded to FrontRunner via registered mail.

4. Fees on cancelation
The user acknowledges that there will be a one-time fee of $500 (Five hundred dollars) upon cancelation for a backup of the client’s website data. This fee is mandatory and website domains will not be released until paid. Any form of electronic scrapping of data by the client or their new website provider will be deem theft of data without the signoff and will be subject to swift legal action.

For any client cancelling their management system, the fee will be $1,500 (One thousand Five Hundred Dollars) for a complete data backup of management data and contracts. Payment must be made in full first before data is released.

5. Loss of all services and solutions
Most clients fail to understand all of the integrated components of your website which makes it deferent than anything on the market and used to drive high Search Engine Rankings and more families to their firm. Cancellation of your Website or Management System with FrontRunner will result in the immediate loss of or access to all national and Regional Business Systems, Matrix listings and any other products or services offered by FrontRunner or its affiliated companies. In an effort to help you assist you, we will maintain your system for a period of (6) months and reinstate it at no charge should you find your new service provider is not living up to the expectations you were promised or the service you had become accustom to as a FrontRunner client, provided your territory is still open and territorial business systems are still available in your area.

Note: In recent times, FrontRunner has been the victim of a relentless, calculated offensive orchestrated by a rival start-up, Funeral Tech. Formed by a small group of disgruntled former FrontRunner employees, most of whom were unable to distinguish themselves within FrontRunner’s high-performance culture, Funeral Tech has launched a malicious, disruptive campaign aimed at undermining FrontRunner’s credibility, both among its existing clients and within the funeral service community. These attacks have included corporate espionage, relentless attempts at poaching of employees, and engaging in gossip and sophomoric pranks at industry and public events. It has been malicious and hurtful to our entire family, our company and our valued employees. As such, In order to help reinforce the gravity of your cancelation decision with going to this company, FrontRunner has adopted a tough policy that any existing client that chooses to support these types of business practices and ethics by moving to FuneralTech will forgo their ability to return or access any FrontRunner or its affiliates services or solutions in the future. Funeral Tech has been provided with this cancelation policy and are aware of the ramifications to clients that switch to them.

As always, FrontRunner Is committed to working closely with all clients to help resolve any issues or concerns they are having and we encourage you to speak with us prior to any consideration of cancelling your solution.

6. Alternatives to Cancellation
As an alternative to cancellation, we provide you with two options.

Switch to a no cost hosting starter website:
If the cancellation was financially motivated, or done in conjunction with misleading information that caused you to enter into a new contract with a different provider, we offer the option to continue with a free website with zero hosting over the term of the new contact you have signed, or in perpetuity after your contract is fulfilled.

Support all existing Book of Memories™ records online at or within your new website:
You may opt to keep all your existing Book of Memories™ records online at for a fee of $30 per month. This will help avoid any fallout with families and the community after removing records that they supported financially.

If you would like to pursue either of these options, please speak to your Success Coach.

7. Working with Your Local Website Provider
If the decision to cancel is based on you wanting to deal with a local website provider, please know that as funeral professionals ourselves, we respect the importance in working with local companies.
Most local website providers admit that they do not have the expertise to program at the level of the FrontRunner website and provide all of the associated Inter linked websites facing consumers, and if they did, it would be cost-prohibitive to try and do so. However, there is still a lot your local website provider can do with your existing software. Many firms retain local website designers to create the look of the local funeral home’s site. Other firms have their local provider manage the website and add all records and content. In addition, FrontRunner has available a plug in Book of Memories feature that your local website provider can easily install on your local website allowing you to maintain all past Book of Memories records, and the ability to continue to add new ones with each new family served. FrontRunner is always pleased to work closely with these local website providers. Talk to your Success Coach if this is something that would help you with your decision.

8. Cancellation Notice
I, the undersigned, acknowledges and accepts the conditions of the cancellation agreement
and am providing a signed copy of this agreement and a valid credit card to cover all fees applicable as set forth in this cancelation agreement. Upon receipt, we ask that FrontRunner unlock all domains you control for our firm.

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