Make sure to work on your FrontRunner Settings to help optimize your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Website > Edit > Site > any page > Edit Details

  • The Page Title field is located in the top section.
  • The Search Keywords and Search Description fields are located in the Optional Settings section. Enter keywords and keyword phrases (separated by a comma) and the description.

When performing a search, search engines use the Search Descriptions to display your page.The search result link will be your Browser Title (shown below, in red) and the sentence is pulled from the Search Description (shown below, in black).


It is important to enter keywords on each and every website page. When deciding on keywords, ask yourself: How do I describe my funeral home? Google looks for keywords that end in a question. Examedit details, add keywords, add search description, keywords, keyword phrases, search engines, google search engine, page titles, keyword conent, search engine strategies, ples: What is embalming? How do I plan my funeral? Some other questions to think about when developing keywords: What is important to you? How do you differentiate yourself from other companies? What are some of the unique services you offer?

Useful Tips

  • Include keywords in phrases.
  • Use keywords in a question.
  • Include keywords in the page title, page description, and text on a page. If this is not done, your website will not rank as high.
  • Include keywords 5-7 times in the page content.
  • Include commonly misspelled words associated with the funeral home name, staff, products and services. This will help online users who misspell their search words to find your site.

Page Titles

Each web page should have a unique page title that includes keywords and your location. Example: What is the cost of funerals in Kingston?

Useful Tips

  • Make sure each page has a different title. If the same title is used, Google will only recognize one of the pages.
  • Do not start your page titles with your funeral home name.
  • Include your keywords.
  • Avoid special characters (commas, periods, & symbols, etc.).
  • Do not use the word “and” in your sentence.

Page Descriptions

Summarize the content of the page in a sentence or brief paragraph. Example: What is the cost of funerals in Kingston?

Useful Tips

  • Use keywords in descriptions but do not over-use.
  • Try to make descriptions unique.
  • Try to make descriptions sound natural.
  • Write concise sentences.


It is important to maintain the content on your website to ensure it is current and refreshed on a regular basis. Include keywords in the content. Also, adding social media links within page tiles also helps search engines find your web pages.

Useful Tips

  • Update the content on a regular basis.
  • Use keywords in the content 5-7 times.
  • Utilize YouTube and create videos using unique titles.
  • Start blogging.
  • Setup a Facebook account and live stream events.

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