Animoto offers tribute videos that are easy and fast to create.

Create Your Video

Open a Record > Digital Video Tributes > Create New Video.

Step #1 – Use the dropdown to select a theme.

When you select a Celebration of Life theme, additional images and video clips are automatically created and transferred to Animoto, along with your selected photos, to create a personalized DVD Tribute video that includes the decedent’s name and dates, and the funeral home’s name and logo.

  • Preview DVD Case – Allows you to view the DVD case using the theme chosen.
  • Sample Video – Allows you to view the sample video with the theme chosen.

A theme encompasses additional images and video clips that are specifically designed to complement the main theme of the video. These interludes are designed to shift the momentum and give a warm cinematic feel to tribute videos. These are all professionally made and give that “special touch” to your client families.

Step #2 – Selecting a music track for the tribute video. You have three options:

  • Select one of FrontRunner’s exclusive tracks for funeral services
  • Select a track available in Animoto’s library of music
  • Implement your own music

We’ve made it seamless for you by providing the most appropriate music right at your fingertips. Preview Music to sample our suggested tracks.

Step #3 – Select the images you would like to use to create your tribute video.

Photos uploaded to a FrontRunner system’s client records are displayed here. You can mark the photos you would like included by putting a check mark in the top left corner; click anywhere on the photo for the check mark to appear/disappear. You can easily choose all photos or un-select all photos. Choose Select All or De-Select All . To view more photos than the 8 listed, just click Next to take you to the next page. You will notice this button located centred and directly beneath the photo listing.

Step #4 – Once selections are complete, click Submit to Animoto.

This will gather the name, dates, theme selection, video clips, music selections, photos, and even your funeral home logo (if FrontRunner Professional has it on file) and send it to Animoto for completion. This button will take you directly to the Animoto account page.

If you are already logged in this will import all of the assets selected and allow you to put the finishing touches on the video, otherwise, please log into your account.

Step #5 – You are now in your Animoto account.

This section will let you re-arrange the order of photos. It will also allow you to add any photos or video clips that the family may have provided or just want included in the video. You can also let your creative side take over and add in special features such as text boxes, spotlights, or picture enhancements. At anytime you can drag the slides around and drop them where you wish to place it.

You will notice that there are extra frames located throughout the video, and especially at the beginning. These are part of the introduction video and theme that are strategically placed throughout the video. There is no need to move or delete these pictures/videos unless you choose to do so. However, we have received tremendous feedback for using this asset throughout our tribute videos.

This button allows you to add more photos or videos clips to the project, however, we highly recommend uploading the photos into your FrontRunner system then re-submit to Animoto as a new project. There is no way to get new photos from Animoto back to your system so they will not be displayed in the Book of Memories.

Click this button to add a text slide. Once added you can click and drag this slide anywhere in the timeline.

Here’s a list of suggested text titles:


  • Devoted in every aspect of his life
  • Touched so many lives. An inspiration to us all
  • A husband. A father, a friend
  • Guided us Always. Will never forget.
  • Forever in our hearts. Memories of a Lifetime
  • Always a father first
  • Strong Presence, Kind Heart
  • Devoted Father, Loving Husband
  • An Inspiration to Others; A Family Man


  • Devoted in every aspect of her life
  • A love of life. A love of family and friends.
  • A touch. A smile. Always with us.
  • A teacher of life. Thanks for showing us the way
  • Forever in our heart. Memories of a lifetime.
  • Led by Example. Forever a Mother
  • Loved Wife, Devoted Mother
  • Kind Woman, Warm Hearted


  • Courage Honor Respect. An inspiration to us all
  • Serving Our Country. Protecting us all
  • Devoted in every aspect of life
  • Showing us the way. With unconditional love
  • Forever in our hearts. Memories of a Lifetime.
  • Duty Honor Loyalty
  • Led the Way. Dedicated Soldier


  • With a look. We knew we were loved.
  • Faithful forever. Always by our side
  • An unforgettable friend. Forever in our heart
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Special Place in our Hearts
  • Rain, Wind, or Snow. Always by our Side

The spotlight feature highlights a particular image (or multiple images) that tells the Animoto engines to sustain the slide longer in the video. Each video
is paced according to the rhythm and genre of the accompanying song. The spotlight feature makes that slide stand out in the final render.

To activate this feature just click on the picture you want spotlighted once and then click on the spotlight button at the bottom of the page. You can do this to as many pictures as you wish.

Rotate will move the selected photo 90 degrees to the right. Click on the photo you would like to rotate, then click the rotate button as many times as you like to put the photo in the right orientation.

This feature will replace the photo chosen and allow you to put it elsewhere in the timeline. Click on the photo once and then click the duplicate button. This will place the photos side-by-side. Once there you can click and drag the photo anywhere in the timeline.

Delete will remove the selected photo.

Click on the photo you would like removed, then click the delete button.

The Shuffle option will re-arrange the order of all images/videos/text slides in a random order, however, do not ever shuffle your video. Photos and video clips have been placed in a specific order to help the flow of the video.

Step #6 – When complete, select the Done button.

Step #7 – Choose your music

If you have already selected a music track on the FrontRunner side, then you can skip this step by clicking on Continue. If you haven’t selected a track yet, click change your soundtrack and you will be walked through the process of selecting or uploading a music track. (Animoto will always suggest a music track for you) Animoto music tracks are varied and include songs from many genres: romantic, top 40, classical, new age, religious, etc.

Select – Allows you to pick music from Animoto’s selection. Browse through the categories. Click the icon to choose a song.
Upload – Allows you to upload music from your computer. Please make sure you have the proper permission from the artist or label.

Step #8 – Customize your video.

  • Image Pacing – Should be set to ½ speed. This gives the delicate and soothing pace that is appropriate for a funeral service.
  • Video Length – Should be set to Full-Length. The short option limits the video to 30 seconds and this simply isn’t enough time to communicate the value of a tribute video.
  • Video StyleDVT sets the default to The Animoto Original. This is done so that the added interludes and images complement each other in the best way possible. We encourage clients to try different styles but we have found the best results by using the original style.
  • Options – These options are to play video specific credits at the end of the video, NOT funeral home specific. This is why we recommend that both boxes be checked prior to continuing. This means that only the funeral home information will be shown in the video. You will notice that FrontRunner Professional automatically puts your funeral home name and logo (as long as it is on file) at the end of the video.

Step #9 – Enter a title of the video.

Example: In Memory of….

Step #10 – You do not need to enter a description.

Step #11 – For the Producer Name, you can enter your funeral home name.

Step #12 – Advanced Options – enter your funeral home name for the title and your website address for the URL.

This will place your funeral home name and a link back to your website on the last slide. All information placed in this section is for the benefit of organizing your videos in Animoto. These fields will have no effect on the actual video itself or the video on your website once linked.

Step #13 – Select the Create Video button to start the generation process.

Generation times can vary slightly depending on the number of photos and assets used in videos. Creation should only take minutes. Click on the My Videos link at the top and wait for your video to finish producing.

After you have completed creating a video in Animoto, you may:

For more information on using Animoto, please visit the Animoto Helpdesk.

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